Cindy Lou Farley
Sculptural and Functional Ceramic Objects

I did not know a turtle had taken up residence in my hands and fingers. I did not know a rabbit was hiding in them. And a rat. And a fish. And a cat. I did not know stars were there. Or bird boxes. Or the faces of flowers. Or pots. Or bowls. I did not know the dampness of clay and the heat of the kiln were the flesh and soul of an art I had avoided from childhood. Five years ago, I learned what my hands and fingers have always known: I learned that art is in the trusting of self and that my art – my discipline – came from the earth. What once was dabbling in a workshop – a wheel-turned coffee mug as a friend’s gift – has become, for me, a passion to discover what else has been hiding in my hands and fingers all these years.  CLF

From the Clay and Kiln of Cindy Lou Farley

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